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Terms, conditions and licencing

The images and other content provided by Atlântico Press are licensed to a strict editorial use, unless it was required and previously signed for a specific agreement for another application.

Each image is only licensed for a single use. The use of the same image in more than one application requires an additional payment. The images can only be used in user publications or within those which are attached to the editorial business. The images can’t be reused in the same editorial publications or in others which in the meantime will come to own.

It is completely forbidden to use images acquired for an editorial publication in commercial activities, packaging, promotions or ads, even if they are integrated in the publication in question. Any image can only be used for these purposes with the consent or the written agreement of Atlântico Press.

The images can’t be added to the user’s files, scanned in the form, or not, of new copies.

Any image provided can’t be used in a way which violates the rules of copyright and trademark of the same. It isn’t therefore possible to change or manipulate the images in addition to its standard usage or cropping. If the user disregards these rules, it will be punished for copyright infringement and therefore will be subjected to compensational payments.

Atlântico Press makes effort to guarantee the accuracy of regular usage and confidentiality of their images and other content. In this sense, the users recognize that Atlântico Press will not be liable for any loss, cost or damage if there is a misuse, error or omission in the later use of the information contained in their service.

Atlântico Press has full copyright and ownership over the material inside their website. All of your images must be therefore accompanied by copyright credits in place of their publication. If no credit is shown in the image provided, then the credit must contain, at least, in the description the name of Atlântico Press company.

If a user violates these requirements and agreements, Atlântico Press can automatically cancel their access to the website without any prior notice.

Up to seven days after the delivery of the images and their licensing agreement, the customer has the right to cancel or amend the license to use such material, by written communication to Atlântico Press without any immediate payment.

Privacy and personal security

Atlântico Press guarantees the privacy of its users. To become a registered user of the website, it will be necessary some essential personal data, such the name, email and other information. This information will be used internally only for the processing and notification of your requests, customer data update and emission of the observations of new services or promotions relating to "core business" of Atlântico Press. Atlântico Press will not use this information to provide or sell to third parties, and the website successively will link to other web addresses, which are also protected by their own privacy rules.



Atlântico Press disclaims any liability for damages, indirect, direct or accidental, resulting from the use or the misuse of the website’s content. Atlântico Press doesn’t control and isn’t responsible for any illegal conduct, offensive or defamatory of his users.

Atlântico Press doesn’t assure that website’s content is compatible with all computer systems and browsers.

Atlântico Press doesn’t warrant that the functions contained in the materials are uncorrupted or error free, or that the servers that makes it available are free of viruses or other malicious or defective components.

Remarks for the user

This is an agreement between the user and Atlântico Press. By clicking "I Agree", you will be tutored by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If the user wishes to obtain an image or content, as a representative of a company, the request will be automatically bound by the terms of this agreement.

Atlântico Press reserves the right to change, modify or update these Terms of Use at any time and the user agrees to the limitations of such modifications, alterations or terms.

Interpretation and jurisdiction

The conditions of use shall be construed in accordance with the Portuguese law. The courts of Lisbon will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or any other problems that can arise from them.

Alternative methods of dispute settlement

Atlântico Press is adherent of the Arbitration Centre of the Lisbon‘s Consumer Disputes (Rua dos Douradores, No. 116 - 2 - 1100-207  Lisbon Phone: 218 80 70 30, Fax: 21 880 70 38 and email:;

In case of dispute, the consumer may resort to this Entity Dispute Settlement. More information in the Portal Consumer:

Contact Us

If there are any doubts about the foregoing terms and / or rules of privacy, licensing of the photographs and personal information provided, please send us your e-mail to:

Possession of this website

This website is owned by Atlântico Press, which also performs its working operations. All its elements, including the content and the overall project, are protected by copyright, online trading guidelines, Portuguese legislation and international agreements or treaties relating to intellectual property.


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