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Marketing Editorial

Atlantico Press is a market leader in editorial contents, in a 360º vision, covering all the information spectrum and its different platforms, since 1992. We offer "key on hand" editorial marketing solutions, such as books, booklets, CDs and DVDs and other formats. Feel free to see some of our projects.


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Verão + 2017

Client: Correio da Manhã
20 Books

Exercise your mind! In this 2017 edition each book in the collection contains even more games and pastimes that will stimulate each other's intelligence and reasoning ability. Crossword puzzles, calculations, Sudoku, silhuetes and more!

Portugal Desconhecido

Client: Correio da Manhã
30 Engravings, 1 Filing folder

Portugal Desconhecido is a collection of 30 prints by the photographer Emílio Biel, which invokes a fascinating journey through Portugal at the end of the century XIX and beginning of the century XX. Emilio Biel, of Jewish and German origin, was one of the pioneers of photography in Portugal. In the Bolhão Palace, it opened the largest studio in Portugal where would accumulate an unusual photographic collection. An unforgettable collection about an ancient and secret country, which Emilio Biel photographed with extraordinary talent and rare sensitivity.

Mapas Antigos de Portugal e Ex-Colónias

Client: Sábado
10 Maps

A historical collection composed of 10 old and current maps of the roads of Portugal, Angola and Mozambique. The oldest maps date back to 1926, thus presenting the first complete versions of roads and motorways. A unique and historic collection that is a true journey in time.

Os meus Posters Gigantes

Client: Telepizza
3 Posters, 3 cases

3 maps of Portugal to color and learn. Each map represents a region of Portugal illustrated through national symbols and monuments, in addition to painting the poster, challenging to find the name of 5 monuments on each map. Knowing Portugal has never been so easy and fun.

Guia de Fátima: 100 anos

Client: Correio da Manhã
1 Book

O Guia de Fátima is an essential book that reveals the prophetic importance of the Apparitions by summarizing the history and commemorations of the first Centenary. One hundred years later, Fatima remains a living symbol of faith and hope, shared by millions of faithful, including Pope Francis, who will visit the Sanctuary in 2017.

A Cozinha é de Todos

Client: Correio da Manhã
20 Books

A Cozinha é de Todos is a delicious collection of 20 books, where it proves that everyone has a place in the kitchen. Choosing different dishes per taste and lifestyle, is already possible. Because cooking is within everyone's reach!

Inglês Total

Client: Cofina | Emse Edapp
30 books, 136 pages + CD +DVD

Take an English course with the collection: Inglês Total. This collection is composed by 30 books and is accredited by Cambridge University Press in partnership with the publisher EMSE / EDPP.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve or learn English, has been designed to practice and speak English and is divided into three levels: initial, intermediate and advanced. Each book is accompanied by a CD and DVD that enables not only practice writing but also oral comprehension.

Descobrir a Filosofia

Client: Cofina | Emse Edapp
40 Books

In the collection Descobrir a Filosofia, with the introduction of Prof. José Gil, we find the thought of great philosophers like was never been explained. An ambitious editorial project that leads to the reflection of the great thinkers to all readers, combining the maximum rigor in the exposure to the pleasure and the spirit of the disclosure. A unique opportunity to rediscover and understand the work of the great names of Philosophy, in partnership with the publisher EMSE / EDPP.

Os Meus primeiros contos Bilingues

Customer: Telepizza
9 Books

Os Meus Primeiros Contos Bilingues is a compilation of the best children's stories written in Portuguese and English. We can find many characters and heroes in this bilingual collection, such as: Aladdin, Peter Pan, Gulliver, John and the Beanstalk, The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and The Boot Cat.

Euro Quiz

Client: Record
3 Books

Euro Quiz is the collection that enshrines the champions. 3 books with pages full of color, curiosities and games, both for kids and adults. Each book, a theme: The History of the European Championships, Finalists, Our National Team.

Verão +

Client: Correio da Manhã
10 Books

Exercise your mind! Each book in the collection contains 30 games and pastimes that will stimulate each other's intelligence and reasoning ability. Crossword puzzles, calculations, Sudoku and more!

As Melhores Experiências

Client: Sábado
7 Books

Discover Portugal in a new way and travel with us in every sense. Over 7 volumes, discover the most valuable secrets from Trás-os-Montes to the Azores, collecting the best experiences.
Enjoy the best tours through Nature... the best snacks... the best hotels... the best surf spots... the best smells and tastes... the best sites for dating... and even the best sunsets.
Be fascinated with unforgettable experiences.

Guia Indispensável do Emprego

Client: Jornal de Notícias and Diário de Notícias
6 Books

A guide with practical and easy advice for the labor market. How to organize your resume, how to prepare for an interview, what companies are looking for and know your rights and duties.

Guia da Fé Cristã

Client: Correio da Manhã
15 Books, 5 Poster and 1 Archiving box

To have faith is to go through a common path made of sacred words. With accessible language, it shows up the bulk of the Old and New Testament, the sacraments, John Paul II and Pope Francis life, Mary and Jesus, among others subjects.
An illustrated collection that covers the top 50 facts of Christianity, in different contexts.

Harvard Medical School - Family Health Guide

Client: Correio da Manhã.
10 books

Harvard's "Bible of Health" translated to Portuguese reached the world market for the first time in a collection. With a rigorous update and adaptation to the Portuguese reality, it uses a clear and simple language, always with the support of images, graphics, infographics and images of real exams. Allowing for a practical consultation, features an innovative Symptom Table, advice for medical consultation, explanation of diagnostic exams and also an advice from Harvard doctors and first-person stories.

Inteligência Financeira

Client: Público
8 Book

The Financial Intelligence collection consists of practical guides for personal finances and for all who want to increase your financial IQ. These guides will help readers feel more confident and secure as they make the right decisions about spending, saving and investing your money.

Memórias de Portugal & Ex-Colónias

Client: Correio da Manhã
60 postcards, 1 Album, 1 Archiving box

An unprecedented collection of illustrated postcards, which allows to remember or discover the main changes in some of the best known landscapes in Portugal and beyond. Revisit the best images from Portugal and former colonies discovered in the National Library and other historical archives.


O Meu Livro de Jogos - A Tribo

Client: Telepizza
6 Books

A collection of 6 books full of intelligent activity games for young kids, from crossword puzzles, mazes, set of synonyms, set of differences, "looking for the intruder," among many others. In addition to games, there are fun activities, trivia and a "Learn more" about fauna, flora, history, and general culture.

Masters do Futebol

Client: Record
128 Cards, 1 Game board, 6 Pins, 1 Die and 1 Box

A successful quiz for football fans. A fun board game: with fouls, yellow and red cards, offside, penalties, corners and goals. The game includes 128 cards with questions about football.

Berços de Ouro

Client: Flash
1 Book

George, Leonor, Estelle, Catharina, Christina and Alexia ... are names of the future Kings and Queens of Europe.
In a journey into the world of the 8 most famous monarchies, meet the boys and girls born in golden cribs and living a real fairy tale.

História de Portugal

Client: Sábado
6 Books

History of Portugal is a thorough and objective approach of Prof. José Hermano Saraiva (1919-2012) on our collective memory.
Since the remote horizons of Prehistory, through the period of the Discoveries, to the end of the 20th century, this work, now reissued with new illustrations and new design, reviews the events that influenced our past.
In an exciting way, José Hermano Saraiva guide us in this ancient journey through the most striking episodes and makes us live with fascinating personalities like John II or the Marquis of Pombal.
A lively and evocative story, in the sui-generis style of the late historian, in a collection of 6 volumes, indispensable to better understand the present, reliving the past.

Masters do Desporto

Client: Record
128 Cards, 1 Game board, 6 Pins, 1 Die and 1 Box

Show your mastery in all areas of sport. With the game "Masters of Sport - The Quizz of Champions", test your knowledge through 372 questions about all types of sport, personalities and peculiarities.



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